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Who We Are? 

ToAgriculture team comprises experienced, enthusiastic, and dedicated agriculturists who are all government officers in the Ministry of Agriculture, Bangladesh. They love and are dedicated to supporting those directly involved in agriculture, agriculture students, horticulture students, and those pursuing knowledge in agriculture.

Why did we Create The ToAgriculture?

Food safety is an ongoing global concern. With a population of more than 6 billion, the number of hungry people worldwide is high. On the one hand, the population of the world is increasing; On the other hand, arable land is decreasing. At the same time, agricultural productivity is decreasing due to the negative impact of climate change. The food crisis will increase day by day. This growing problem is a threat to the food security of the whole world. Acquiring and applying knowledge about agriculture modern techniques, and pest and disease control methods and management is essential to deal with this threat. Due to global temperature changes, and unnecessary and excessive use of chemicals in crop cultivation, world agriculture has become very challenging.

Logo of ToAgriculture website its an agriculture modern techniques related blog.


We / ToAgriculture will present the agriculture modern techniques blog that provides information on crop cultivation, horticulture, pest, and disease control methods, and many more related topics so that people of different countries can learn about modern agriculture methods and implement said techniques of disease control and management in practice. Apart from this, various fruits and vegetables health benefits and nutritional qualities and aspects of plant disease and pest management are also discussed.

This website (ToAgriculture > also covers agricultural development reports, agricultural practices, and case studies of different countries worldwide. It can provide some general and comprehensive information about agriculture. All the information on this portal is based on professional agriculturists’ career experience and knowledge obtained from various studies and provided by others.

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