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Ripe Jackfruit: health benefits of eating

Health Benefits of Eating Jackfruit

Jackfruit is a tropical fruit that is native to Southeast Asia and is known for its delicious taste and unique texture. But did you know that it also packs a punch when it comes to health benefits? Jackfruit is a nutrient-dense food that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the top 17 health benefits of eating jackfruit. From boosting your immune system to promoting healthy digestion, jackfruit is a fruit that should definitely be included in your diet. So, whether you’re looking to improve your overall health or simply want to try something new, keep reading to learn all about the amazing benefits of jackfruit!

Overview of Jackfruit:

Jackfruit: health benefits of eating

Raw Jackfruit.

The jackfruit, which is native to Southeast Asia, is a tropical fruit. It is known for its large size, with the fruit growing up to 36 inches long and weighing up to 80 pounds. It is multiple fruits composed of hundreds to thousands of individual flowers and the fleshy petals of the unripe fruit are eaten. The ripe fruit is sweet and is commonly used in desserts. Jackfruit is also commonly used in South and Southeast Asian cuisines, both ripe and unripe fruit is consumed. It is available internationally in canned or frozen and in chilled meals as well as various products derived from fruit such as noodles and chips. The jackfruit tree is well-suited to tropical lowlands and is widely cultivated throughout tropical regions of the world. It is the national fruit of Bangladesh and the state fruit of Kerala. The tree is evergreen with a relatively short trunk and a dense treetop. The leaves are alternate and spirally arranged, thick, and divided into a petiole and leaf blade.

Nutritional Value of Jackfruit: 

Jackfruit is a nutritious fruit that provides a significant amount of food energy, with 100 kilocalories available per serving. Its yellow-colored cells are particularly rich in vitamin A, with just 2-3 servings providing the daily recommended intake. This makes jackfruit an excellent choice for preventing night blindness and malnutrition. It is beneficial for all age groups, including children, adolescents, young women, and adults, as well as pregnant and lactating mothers. A lack of vitamin A in the body can lead to rough skin and loss of vitality, making jackfruit an essential food to include in the diet.

In addition to vitamin A, jackfruit also contains vitamin C and some B vitamins. Both ripe and raw jackfruit have their own benefits, with raw jackfruit often used in curries with meat, while ripe jackfruit can be enjoyed as a sweet fruit or even fried like almonds and added to curries. The seeds of ripe jackfruit can also be consumed, providing an additional source of nutrition.

Nutrient Chart: Per 100 grams

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Nutritional Properties Name

Raw Jackfruit as a Vegetable 

Ripe Jackfruit

Jackfruit seeds


Calorie (kCal)











Iron (mg)




Carotene (m.mg)


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Calcium (mg)





Potassium (mg)





Vitamin C 





Vitamin B-1





Vitamin B-2





Fat (gm)



Source: www.birtan.gov.bd

What Are The Nutritional Properties of Jackfruit Seeds?

benefits of Jackfruit seeds

Jackfruit Seed.

Jackfruit is a delicious and nutritious fruit that offers a wide range of health benefits. A 100-gram serving of jackfruit contains 6.6 grams of carbohydrates and 25.8 grams of sugar. In addition to its sweet taste and rich source of carbohydrates, jackfruit seeds are also highly nutritious and beneficial for everyone, particularly non-vegetarians. They are a good source of protein, potassium, and essential minerals such as zinc, magnesium, and iron. Jackfruit seeds are also rich in antioxidants, which help to protect the body against diseases and improve overall health.

Eating jackfruit can help to fill up the deficiency of vitamin A in the body. This is because jackfruit is rich in Vitamin A, and just a small serving can provide the daily recommended intake of this essential vitamin. This can help to prevent night blindness and malnutrition, while also keeping the skin healthy and the body vital.

What Are The Health Benefits of Eating Jackfruit? You Need To Know 

    1. Low in fat: Jackfruit is very low in fat, making it an excellent choice for those looking to maintain a healthy weight.
    2. High in potassium: Jackfruit is an excellent source of potassium, with 100 grams containing 303 mg. Potassium helps to reduce high blood pressure, making jackfruit a great food for maintaining cardiovascular health.
    3. Rich in vitamin A: Jackfruit is rich in vitamin A, which can help to prevent ringworm and other skin conditions.
    4. Contains vitamin C: Jackfruit is also a good source of vitamin C, which is not produced naturally in the human body. Vitamin C helps to increase immunity and strengthen the gums.
    5. Contains phytonutrients: Jackfruit contains phytonutrients that can prevent ulcers, cancer, high blood pressure, and aging.
    6. Contains antioxidants: Jackfruit is rich in antioxidants that protect the body from harmful free radicals and help to prevent colds and coughs.
    7. Reduces tension and nervousness: Jackfruit is very effective in reducing tension and nervousness.
    8. Prevents indigestion: Jackfruit is also beneficial for preventing indigestion.
    9. Relieves asthma: Jackfruit root is effective in relieving asthma.
    10. Solves skin problems: Jackfruit root is also beneficial for solving skin problems and curing fever and diarrhea.
    11. Controls blood sugar: Jackfruit contains a large amount of mineral manganese which helps in controlling blood sugar levels.
    12. Strengthens bones: Magnesium and calcium present in jackfruit play a role in bone formation and strengthening.
    13. Contains Vitamin B6: Jackfruit contains Vitamin B6 which reduces the risk of heart disease.
    14. Helps in blood clotting: The calcium present in jackfruit is not only beneficial for bones but also plays a role in the blood clotting process.
    15. Helps babies and lactating women: Feeding jackfruit juice to babies along with the mother’s milk from the age of six months helps to reduce the baby’s hunger and fulfill the lack of essential vitamins. Pregnant and lactating women can also eat jackfruit to maintain their health and the growth of the fetus.
    16. Removes constipation: Jackfruit is high in fiber which can help to remove constipation from the body.
    17. Removes anemia: Jackfruit contains iron which can help to remove anemia from the body.


Diabetic patients and those with digestive problems should be cautious while consuming jackfruit.


Jackfruit is a delicious and nutritious fruit that offers a wide range of health benefits, including its potential to improve cardiovascular health, boost the immune system, and prevent certain types of cancer. One of the key health benefits of eating jackfruit is its low-fat content and high potassium levels, which can help to reduce high blood pressure and strengthen bones. Additionally, jackfruit is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, making it an effective tool for preventing ulcers and other types of cancer. The fruit is also beneficial for pregnant and lactating women, as well as for babies and children, as it can help to prevent indigestion, asthma, and skin problems. Furthermore, it can reduce tension and nervousness. Overall, jackfruit is a nutrient-dense food that should be included in your diet for optimal health.